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Love and Learning Go Hand in Hand

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Start your children off the right way

Your child's safety is our priority

Take comfort in knowing there's always a registered nurse on staff at Nanny's Multi-Level Learning Center. They're able to administer any required medications, and oversee the general safety of all children under our care.

Your kids deserve a balanced diet

As part of tuition, your children will receive breakfast, lunch, and a healthy snack! All foods provided are approved nutritious for children by the USDA. A healthy diet is essential at such a young age, and we'll make sure they get everything they need.

Nurture every aspect of growth

We'll focus on nurturing all aspects of growth, including socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. The early stages of development are essential, and we've made it our goal to provide a positive beginning since 1972.

Daily Activities

Potty Training

Growing up?

Fun yet safe

Your kids will be able to run and play both indoors and out in our safe, secure facilities.

Always learning

Our staff stays up to date on the latest successes and advancements in childcare.

We'll work as a team with parents to help potty train their children at a comfortable pace.

Stay with us after the first few years, so we can continue to support and educate your child in preparation of kindergarten.

Provide your children with a caring, nurturing environment while you're at work. The staff at Nanny's Multi-Level Learning Center is trained to give young children the love, care and education they need in order to be successful later on in life.

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